A married couple who think that it is in everyone’s best interest to separate or divorce may actually be in for a surprise when it comes to property division. Division of marital property is a huge obstacle point in most divorce cases and hence it is important to know what you are getting into. There can be an umpteen number of issues as far as property division is concerned, and only a good family lawyer can make sure that all the matters are taken care of in an amicable way.

Getting started

The best way to get started is with finding out exactly what property a couple holds. Making a list of all the items you own is a great idea. Some of these are going to be separate property, while some will be community property. Next, you should give a realistic market price for each of the items. It is important that both spouses are open and honest with each other when listing the properties they own because that is the only way these matters can be handled.

Balancing it out

Whether it is joint bank accounts or a house, the idea is to balance it out so that no one is left grudging at having got a bad deal.


This is a property division matter that is best handled by a professional property division lawyer. Debt is something most people have and after a divorce or separation, it is only fair that both spouses get their share in debt. There may be many issues you can face regarding handling of debt. For example, you and your spouse may decide that both of you will take half of the credit cards and pay them off on your own to keep matters equal. But in case your spouse misses a payment on a credit card that she has promised to pay off, no matter what your agreement says, the credit card company will be following up on you. That is when a professional property division lawyer will be able to advice you on taking the best steps leading up to divorce.

Sometimes all a soon-to-be-divorced couple needs is financial mediation. Not much will be accomplished when tempers are flaring and everyone is seeing red. At the Barranco Law Firm, you will be able to work with professional family lawyers in Miami, Florida who understands exactly what you need. Find out more about them at